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5 Tips for Super Smartphone Videos

Many people think that professional, high quality videos can't be captured with a smartphone. This is simply not true anymore. With these five quick tips, you can transform your phone's camera into a valuable resource in your pocket. This video reveals Aileen's top...

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Mobile Video Made Easy course. WHAT IS MOBILE VIDEO MADE EASY? It’s an online course in six modules, which takes you from a beginner or intermediate video maker using your smartphone, to a proficient confident video...

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Equipment and Apps

Hello and welcome back for week two, as we approach the launch of my new online course, Mobile Video Made Easy. This week is a quick techie piece, as I brush over the kinds of equipment you can expect to use to make your smartphone videos super. I deal very often with...

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Six Tips For Successful Storytelling

The basic rules for storytelling never change and with the use of a smartphone, which can be found in nearly every person’s pocket in this day and age, absolutely anyone can become a practiced storyteller on mobile video. My tips for successful storytelling on mobile...

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