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In my coaching call on January 16th with my MOBILE VIDEO MADE EASY e-course participants, I made reference to storage, tripods and microphones. Here are some links to what I referred to.

Here are links on Amazon to the equipment I referred to in the Coaching Call on 16th January.
How much storage do you need?  READ THIS
There are similar ones available in Tiger Shops in Ireland…
Most camera shops stock these too…less than 10 euros in most cases.
While I carry around a Tiger Shop version in my laptop bag a lot I prefer to use a sturdier one…
I use the Manfrotto Pixi tripod with smartphone clamp which is more expensive yes but also is more professional looking and is really easy to use.
The clamp can also be removed and added to a longer tripod.
If you want to have the option of a tripod on the floor that gives hands-free and fully steady recordings I recommend this Manfrotto tripod – it is light and compact but very sturdy and suitable for getting the eyeline right for tall people!… if you buy the Pixi as well you can remove the smartphone clamp and add it to the plate on top of the bigger tripod.
OR if you decide to get the big tripod only ,you can buy a smartphone clamp separately –
However I think it’s better value overall to get the Pixi with the clamp, not the clamp only as you then have more options. I use the Pixi all the time for recording as it is very portable and I have a fairly steady hand by now…you will get a much steadier recording than just holding the phone in your hand.
The clip on mic I use and recommend all the time is the RODE SMARTLAV PLUS clip on mic with SC1 extension lead. Remember if you are using a newer iPhone, you’ll have to use your headphone socket adapter.
A cheaper version is the BOYA MIC – also clip on with a longer lead than the Rode,
In Ireland Currys PC World stocks most smartphone clamp.
I also recommend that Communications Teams consider purchasing a dedicated ipod Touch (Apple) – which is sort of like an iphone without the phone capabilities. You can get a Touch with all the relevant apps you need plus good storage for far less than an actual phone and all the functions work in wifi.
The photo shows our iPod touch in action (before we added the microphone).
So we use the ipod Touch or iTouch for all our video recordings and back them up on Google Photos or Airdrop them to the computer if need to.
There is no Android equivalent at the moment. However, some Android phones enable SD storage cards, so consider having a dedicated storage card for your business video recordings and back up on a dedicated Gmail account.
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