Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Mobile Video Made Easy course.

WHAT IS MOBILE VIDEO MADE EASY? It’s an online course in six modules, which takes you from a beginner or intermediate video maker using your smartphone, to a proficient confident video maker. You can enrol HERE

WHAT AREAS DOES IT COVER?  The course is broken down into six modules:

Lesson 1: Preparing Your Phone – I will walk you through what the course entails, and how to set up the apps for your phone to gather your videos and photos and be ready to edit.

Lesson 2: Planning Your Story – Learn how to storyboard and pre-plan your video in order to be a more effective story-teller. Optimise your camera, and record a video clip.

Lesson 3: Recording, and the art of the good trim. And how to share a trimmed video.

Lesson 4: The Four Shot Formula – our unique and successful tips for everyone to make great videos, with good planning and preparation, saving time and batteries.

Lesson 5: |The Editing Part – using our recommended apps to add captions, transitions, editing, text, audio and voiceover. All on your phone.

Lesson 6: Bringing it all together, and sharing with the world.. and some extras.

WHO’S IT FOR? Anyone who needs video for their work or life, and doesn’t know where to start. The course is especially useful for journalists who need video to make short video stories for social media, PR professionals who need video for events, promos and press releases, website designers for their clients’ content, digital marketers for their video content, and small businesses running their own content strategies.In other words, anyone who needs to be able to make a quality video on their smartphones.

DO I NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT VIDEO ALREADY? Not necessarily. While it’s designed for beginners, some people who have taught themselves the basics of video making will learn a lot  as well – interview techniques, structuring a story, how to talk to camera, and how to set up your own pop-up studio.

ANDROID OR IPHONE? Both are perfect, the newer the model, the better. However, Microsoft Windows phones are not encouraged, to be honest. iPads and Tablets are okay but we rarely use them as we find them too cumbersome for recording. We love the Apple iTouch – all the functions of the iPhone without the cost, and free on wifi. Also cheaper!

WHO IS AILEEN O’MEARA? Aileen is a professional journalist, formerly of RTE, the Irish national broadcaster, where she honed her multimedia skills in as a radio producer and then a TV News correspondent, winning a few awards along the way. In 2004, she left to find a better work/life balance with a young family and set up her media training and production business – see for more.

She began developing her media training services in smartphone video content soon after the smartphone video camera and apps became a reality in our lives back in 2010. Aileen combines her enthusiasm for storytelling with her award-winning journalistic skills to create a unique course built on the success of her workshops, sharing real knowledge of short-form storytelling for mobile devices.

She is now one of Ireland’s chief specialist trainers in mobile video for PR, communications, journalism and small businesses.

DO I NEED SPECIAL APPS OR EQUIPMENT? No, this course teaches you everything just using your smartphone. However, we do recommend if you can to get the very budget-friendly selfie stick in your local friendly discount store (Penneys/Tiger/Dealz for example), it really helps making videos. We also give our recommendations for our own essential equipment – a handheld tripod with a mount for smartphones, and a broadcast quality clip-on microphone. AND we tell you where to find them.

HOW LONG DOES THE COURSE TAKE? That’s up to you. It is possible to do the whole course in one day, but we have structured it in step-by-step style, with practical exercises in each module. So depending on how long it takes you to do the exercises, and if you wish to go back over our lessons more than once, it can take you from a day to a few days.

What our testers have said is that it’s best to give at least one hour at a time to learn each lesson as it comes up and then practice what you have learnt before moving onto the next module.


It’s available HERE online via our membership site for one year from the date of purchase.

HOW DO I PAY? Payment is available via credit card or Paypal options.

IS THERE A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? Yes, you can get your money back if it is not the course you thought it was, or if you cannot complete the course, given a valid reason.

WHAT ABOUT FOLLOW UPS? You will be invited to join our closed Facebook Group where we will post additional resources, follow up materials and updates on our knowledge. We will encourage you to post your completed video to this group for feedback (if you wish!), and we will give you feedback there if you ask us to.

AND A CERTIFICATE? We have a signed and personalised certificate for everyone who completes our courses.

WHAT IF I WANT TO BOOK A BESPOKE COURSE or TO BOOK AILEEN? Give us a shout at 01 2542984 or email us  [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.