I get asked for video recording advice a lot – usually at business networking meetings when someone learns that I teach mobile video skills.

This morning was one such example. 

The businessman I was talking to runs a document management company, and he said he gets great testimonials from people with examples of how his document management system helps companies retrieve and store their important documents easily and safely.

Video testimonials would be great, he said – I agreed. Video is so powerful in capturing and retaining attention particularly on social media.

But how difficult are they? he asked.

To which I responded, as I usually do – it depends.

It depends on how much you want to put in the video and how long you want it to be.

Oh a few questions and a few answers, he said.

I suggested he use the motto I use in my own videos, and at my training workshops: keep it simple. Particularly if you are a beginner, and not used to it – keep your video recordings simple i.e. short, one question and one answer, so they can be trimmed easily at each end on the phone.

So here’s the tips I gave this morning and now sharing with you.

#Tip 1

Go through with your client what you would like them to say.

#Tip 2

Suggest they keep it short – one or two sentences at most.

#Tip 3

suggest to the client that they say 3 points in one sentence – e.g. I worked with X company, they made a huge difference by doing Y, and we highly recommend them.

#Tip 4

Rehearse it with them, but just once or twice.

#Tip 5

Ensure your phone is steady and you are capturing the light and sound well.

#Tip 6

Record it twice, so you have two versions and choose the best one.

And that’s it!

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