In February 2020 not long before the lockdown, I trained up a group of travel guides and coach drivers with Vagabond Tours on mobile video techniques.

Here is the testimonial from Derry Nairn, Vagabond Tours Digital Marketing Executive:


We thought your training was excellent. This was a general conclusion shared between the tour guides (participants) and management.


Our goal for the session was to energise our team ahead of the coming season and inspire them to try new techniques in shooting video. This was put to a stern test within weeks. After COVID-19 struck, we turned to our tour guides to create content for our social channels.


The results have been fantastic. Themed around Ireland both pre- and post-lockdown, the videos have strengthened communication with our audience across all of our social channels. One of the most satisfying aspects has been the amazing contributions of certain team members who wouldn’t have previously been confident shooting video before your training session.


Check out some of the videos produced by our tour guides on this YouTube playlist: 

We also helped bring an Easter Sunday broadcast to the people of the Clogher Diocese in Co. Tyrone. Here is what the clergy had to say:


The closure of churches as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic resulted in clergy having to adapt quickly to reach their parishioners through Facebook or YouTube.

In Clogher Diocese of the Church of Ireland, while most of the clergy had never attempted making video recordings previously, there were quite a few attempts to set up a smartphone and lead services in front of the camera.

An idea to help clergy master some of the skills making videos led to booking Aileen O’Meara of Aileen O’Meara Media to conduct online courses for them. This was a new venture for Aileen as well as the clergy as she would normally conduct courses in a classroom setting.

Following several sessions through live Zoom meetings as well as online tutorials, the standard of video making throughout the Diocese improved considerably.

A total of 15 participants completed the courses before Easter, giving them great skills to make important video recordings of Holy Week and Easter Day services.

In addition, Ewan Wood from Aileen O’Meara Media, helped to edit and produce a highly professional recording of an Easter Day service led by the Bishop of Clogher, Right Revd John McDowell. The detailed work with enhanced sound quality and titles made it pleasant viewing.

Feedback from those on the courses was extremely positive; one person who had little or no skills in making videos, says she greatly enjoyed the course and is making her services more interesting for her parishioners.

Another made the comment; “This is an area I had no experience in until the past few weeks and I found the training to be very clear, helpful and easily applicable.  It was all much appreciated.

Another said; “Thank you very much for including me in the video training. As we all are trying new means to reach our people it’s an extreme learning curve. Training and tips help.”