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Aileen O’Meara has been delivering training for Learning Waves Skillnet since 2013.  Her training courses, ‘Smartphone Video Course’, are highly practical, informative and interactive.  Aileen has a great ability to tailor programmes to meet the needs of the participants and in doing so, she ensures that all participants leave the courses with enhanced skills in the areas of creating, editing and producing audio/video for radio. Aileen is extremely professional to work with and I would strongly recommend her as a trainer’

Teresa Hanratty

Project Manager, Learning Waves Skillnet

I took Aileen O’Meara Media’s course “Shoot, Trim & Publish” on capturing video clips for web use on your smart phone and found it really useful. In a short time, I was able to learn the necessary skills and since then I have repeatedly used what I learnt in work delivered to clients. I was very happy to add a new skill to my offerings and my clients were happy too.

Ronan Cavanagh

Cavanagh Communications

Last January I did the “Shoot, Trim and Publish” course with Aileen. The day was an enjoyable educational experience which overcame my total ignorance of the varied uses of the video capabilities of my iPhone. I recommend it to all who need to augment their social media or web marketing activities.”

Michael Kealy

Company Solutions

Aileen’s “Shoot, Trim & Publish” smartphone course was a great learning experience. I would never have expected to be able even to conceive making a video, never mind one that looked half-decent; the skills she taught were so practical and useable in terms of progressing what we already had by way of knowing our business, and our own creativity.”



Aileen’s one day course left me feeling confident and equipped to add an extra dimension to my news reporting. I have recommended her to many colleagues and business contacts and I will continue to do so.


freelance journalist

As a communications professional, this training is a must for my job given the changing nature of the media landscape. The seminar is extremely accessible and Aileen gives a wealth of practical tips that enables the complete amateur to walk away from the training ready to shoot a video.




This was a great day of training. Aileen presents in both a fun and professional manner. She encourages a hands-on approach to learning by getting everyone to make their own short video using their own smartphones. Aileen is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with information relating to smartphones and the increasing need for video to promote online presence for business. I found the editing section of the training in the afternoon particularly useful and have already put some of this new knowledge to good use for the online promotion of a martial arts club I run.

You leave Aileen’s course knowing how to set up, record and edit your own short video simply by using your phone. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in this area or wants to develop their business through the use of video.

Alan McInerney

McInerney Painting

I found Aileen O’Meara’s video training  a most practical and hands-on session, the sort of training I had been seeking for a long time. Her approach is informal yet instructive and……. you get answers to the many questions that, heretofore, you were afraid to ask!  A session with Aileen is a ‘must’ for anyone working in the PR and related areas.

Tim Ryan

Consultant and journalist, Tim Ryan Public Affairs

We learned to film, edit and upload a short video by doing it. The results from the attendees were some very impressive, professional looking videos. I really liked learning about the underlying principles of making videos — like framing the shot, getting good light, and planning a storyboard. Aileen is clearly an excellent video producer with great skills behind and in front of the camera.

I highly recommend the workshop for anyone who needs to make any kind of video and put it on youtube, which these days is pretty much everyone!

Daniel Jacobson

Ultimate School of Music

Aileen’s one-day tailored ‘Mobile Video Made Easy’ workshop for our group of 15 (mostly) novices was an excellent introduction to making short videos on our i-phones and Androids. Aileen put us at our ease, communicated with us in a knowledgeable, step-by-step way and explained everything with friendliness and good humour. We all came away from the day with newly acquired practical skills, lots of great tips on planning content and a sense of much greater confidence. I would thoroughly recommend the training.

Paul Harron

Press Officer, Church of Ireland

Thank you a wonderful day, really enjoyed, learnt a lot! As a person not computer literate I understood a lot. The last section, the battery ran out! Really found very educational, may try it on holidays from tomorrow in Lagrasse!

Cormac Cuffe

I found every aspect of the training exceptional and there is nothing I would change. I found the trainings very useful and I will now be able to put what I’ve learned to use.

Orla Stafford

I have enjoyed working alongside Aileen in the media since I was a freelance, as a producer in the BBC while she was Health Correspondent at RTE and more recently in our current roles. She has always stood out as a journalist of the highest integrity, who will work tirelessly to get to the truth. She has a quick and intelligent grasp of the structures and issues underlying any story and an admirable ability to communicate often complex messages in a clear and concise manner, with her characteristic freshness and sincerity.

Trish Hergarty

Journalist, Inis Communications

Very straightforward advice — simple but effective. Aileen’s advice was very clear and it’s obvious that she’s very experienced in the media. She defined her training in a very relaxed and confident manner and made us media virgins very relaxed. 

Freddie Millar

Freddie Millar Building Consultancy