For over 4 years now, we’ve been growing our social video training services.

Our one day workshops and our bespoke training has grown in popularity, and we know from feedback that our clients like our practical hands-on approach to demystifying video-making and in giving people the confidence to make really good quality videos.

We make video easy.

We also know our clients are price conscious, and want to make good videos on their phones while not spending a fortune in time or equipment.

So when our chosen, and popular FilmoraGo video editing app changed dramatically last week (for IOS users) from being an inexpensive and comprehensive user-friendly tool, to being a rather expensive subscription based app, with fewer editing functions  – we were naturally concerned.

It left us with no choice but to investigate the alternatives.

  1. We needed an app that was the same for both IOS and Android users – we can’t run workshops with two different apps being taught at the same time.
  2. We needed an app that was not too expensive, and whose free version could be attractive to those on a zero budget.
  3. We needed an app whose editing functions provided great text choices, easy addition of logos, and designed for the Instagram 1:1.

We looked at iMovie – great app for iPhone users, even though the choice of music and text is a bit limited.

We looked at Splice – a super app, but a bit on the expensive side for many of our clients.

And we investigated the new FilmoraGo  – a whole redesign that didn’t convince us it was worth the recommendation, especially as it did not compare at all to Splice.

(The Android version of FilmoraGo has not been updated to the new version).

And then we checked out InShot, an inexpensive app that works on both IOS and Android, has all the essential editing functions, and is easy to use.

So we are giving it a try… at our workshops and in bespoke training.


How does this affect you?


If you’ve trained with us in FilmoraGo on an iPhone and you want to go with the new version of the app, email us at [email protected] for a free video lesson in the new app.

If you’ve trained with us on the old FilmoraGo app, and want to now learn InShot, email us at [email protected] for a free video lesson.

And remember – the essentials of our video making approach remain the same.

  • Optimise your camera
  • Buy essential tripod and microphone
  • Structure your story for a good sequence
  • Frame your interview shots.

And practice, practice and practice!